Sarah Gerould - New England Painter
Sarah Gerould’s paintings are a window on our world; serious, humorous, grotesque and serene. They are an observation and a passion, an escape and a commitment. Her landscapes and creatures are an escape back to places she has been and loved, and an expression of her commitment to the natural world. This commitment is reflected in her art, professional career, and environmental advocacy. The body language of the narrative, whimsical vegetable paintings recounts, in a darkly humorous way, stories of the human condition. Poems or narratives sometimes accompany her paintings, though she encourages viewers to find their own stories within them.
Sarah grew up in Philadelphia, and splits her time between Medford, Massachusetts and Woodford, Vermont. In addition to painting, she cochairs TreesMedford, a nonprofit group that advocates and raises funds for, and educates the public about trees in Medford, Massachusetts. Before she retired, she held leadership positions within the Ecosystems Mission area of the US Geological Survey.