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Throughout my life, I have sought mixes of art and the natural world. At Antioch College, I studied art, biology and geology. While pursuing an MS in entomology, I illustrated scientific manuscripts, and co-produced a video on Insects in the Arts. During and following my Ph.D. in environmental toxicology, my creative efforts focused on fiber arts: sweaters, rugs and table linens.

I began painting in 1997, first in watercolors, and then in oils starting in 2009. I often bring marbling, printing, mosaic and collage techniques into my work. I started showing in 1999, and had my first solo show in 2001. 

In workshop and class settings, I studied painting under Jill Banks, Maud Taber-Thomas, Christine Lashley, Gavin Glakas, Lassie Corbet, and Arnold Lopes while living in Virginia. Since moving to Massachusetts, I have studied under Alexandra Rozenman, Judith Prager, Diane Novetsky, Todd Bonita, Alastair Dacy, Chris Volpe and Peter Bain.

B.A. Antioch College 1975
M.S. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison 1978
Ph.D. Cornell University 1986

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